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16.THANKS SO MUCH JULIA for remembering!
I forgot ha! ha!
On aniversary I planned BIG surprise on site, but not ready yet, visit us soon,
may by it will be!
Thanks again!

15.Happy first anniversary to your cam !!
And thank you so much for the third "old town" cam I saw for the first time today.
I also love the storks - that"s not far from where I live.
Have a nice time!!!

14.Hello Ged
your new site looks perfect, you did a great job in so little time, I think. I saw the site with both panoramic pics yesterday and this morning both pics are still loading without problems. Very helpful also the headlines about what you see on the pictures.
At the moment I can"t see what you could still improve, but carry on if you"ve got the time.
Hope you are ok after the hospital, therefore "wszystkiego dobrego dla ciebie" from Jerome

Aspecially to Julia and Jerome!
Thanks for impressive notes!
I was in hospital some weeks
and I can"t work on site.
But, Me back! And I will try
to make my site working better!
Thanks again!

12.Salut ged,
I think the pics of your two webcams are the best ones from Warsaw - congrats!
It"s a pity that there seems to be a transmitting problem of the Palac Kultury pic - one can"t see it half of the time, sometimes it helps to reload the pic in your browser, but not always. Maybe you can check that.
I frequently look at the cams because I"ve been in Warsaw for some months and I like the town and love the people.
Czesc from Lyon, France

11.Private message...

10.Private message...

9.That camera in the Servers' Room - it's like "Big Brother" ;-)

8.Aight Igor, first of all - check your e-mail ;-)
FORUM - this is a great idea!
I can help you with that - just let me know!

7.maybe someday... Ged you'll make a forum for the site? heh...

6.promote ? ! How to do it. Mark ? Tell me! Or do it for me, please...

5.i meant "this website"

4.i know about the website! You know Ged... i'm addicted :P

3.It's because people don't know about your webcam.
I think you should better promote your website...

2.Thanx Mark, but why anyone, except you, not write here anything?

1.Moim zdaniem widok prosto na polnoc jest lepszy...

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