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750.I"m sure a million people have asked, so let me be 1,000,001. would you sell your blofeld patches? I freely admit I"m not patient/creative enough to get to where you get to with the synth. Thanks. Please don"t call me a stupid asshole for asking :-)

749.I am worried you sold your video shit.. Edirol (Roland) will send you to hell.. or are you ITB video champ in 21st century? We miss you

748.tell me about it! $

747.I really miss your videos. I hope you are well.

746.pierdole was mocno w kakao wszystkich , wogle nie wpacacie dla mnie kasy na zrzutce , id wita wic do roboty i wpcajcie kapuste, a nie kurwa jakie wlirki z elwro dotujecie. Zainwestujcie w moje przepite gardo bo po ikendzie trzebaje wyleczy jaks setk lub pidziesiatka.

745.Come back! There"s so much fun new equipment to play with! Your style is great -- hope you are well.

744.R I P jexus

743.Love you stuff man. It"s all beyond helpful and very entertaining as a plus. Thanks.

742.Come back! We miss your creativity and craziness. Even The Behringer making analog synths now. Oh God, someone has to do something!

741.Happy New Year! It"s my collab with a friend which we recorded live in 2015, hope you like it!


739.Gdzie ty zgine? Potrzebujemy wicej twojej twrczoci!

738.Apparently I discovered your blog and YT channel too late, but yet it was a great find. You sir is an extremely talented person (or multi-talented) and it is a joy to read your clever reviews and watch your amusing videos. Hopefully you are doing fine and being properly recognised and well paid. Greetings from Brazil, from a lousy JP-8080 owner.

737.Man, thank you a lot for you site and YouTube channel! Awesome content! After looking your Polivoks demonstration I decided to buy this beast. Now it is in front of me :)
Just seen Crumar DS-2 and just fell in love. It sounds like a child of Electronika EM-25 and Polivoks, but released earlier than these two synths. And special thanks for the awesome cassete-glitch style of the videos!

Best Wishes, SyntheticJudah!

736.only a woman could keep you away so long..


735.wracaj na grup kutafonie


733.... & if you ever release something, add me to your [insert dirty language] mailinglist.

Thanks for not being made of bullshit an" all

732.Sir, you know you"re CULT now...
Time to release a book ! =)

Seriously, your writing is cool, intelligent and fun, and you obviously have talent and experience in synthesis. Teach us! Make a bestseller and quit your job (jus" jokin")

Whatever, take it easy


730.I got your message. Thanks for the boost in power. I"ll see you in the wind.

729.Where did you disappear to? You have THE best synth videos on YouTube.

728.Thanks for all the awesome synth info! You"re one of the places I go before I decide to buy. Your footer links on the ESQ-1 page are pointing to a file system resource btw.

727.Trololo Totolu

726.And another thirteen Prophet-600 (gligli & panorama upgraded) sound examples here: ma-modifikation/

725.Prophet-600 panorama DIY upgrade sound examples here (see "Klangbeispiele"):

724.Hi folks, There is an interesting DIY hardware upgrade for the Prophet-600, enabling to spread the six voices in the stereo panorama. More info here:

723.The DX7S is a fine Analog synthesizer too!


722.Awesome stuff. Just a heads up, you"re front page link to your youtube channel goes to someone else entirely. And their channel sucks. Please fix this, I don"t want to see crappy youtube videos--I want to see your awesome synth demos.

721.Hey, I"m super interested in the patch at 3:30, on part 1 of the ESQ-1 demo:

720.Strona zawiera bardzo duo konkretnej treci. Warto zostawi komentarz w ksidze goci.

719.Man, your hobbie is amazing. You do cool music, it sounds nice. Please do more of this, I"m very happy to listen your art.

Also nice collection you got there. Really cool examples even I can"t fully understand how cool some of synthesizers are.

718.Hi Jexus,

Any thoughts on this ?

Thanks for the lovely demos and videos.

717.hey jexus. just wanted to say, you"re the best, i hope you"re well!

i started watching your demos like probably almost a decade ago (wow i can"t believe how much time has passed lol) and still revisit them to this day. you"re great and i hope you are doing great!


716.Hi Jexus

I"m trying to decide which synth to get. Clearly I"m on the budget level but my tastes demand a 80s poly synth. Trying to decide between a DW6000 and a Alpha Juno 1, If you had to choose between the two which would you go for? Also consider the alpha is worth $600 whereas the DW is $500. I"ve also got my eye on a Ensoniq Mirage (first version) with a hardcase but no OS discs, BUT it"s only $220.

What do you think?


He"s selling his video gear!!! -> NO MORE VIDEOS!!!
Let"s make a founding to buy him new synths to test and film...
This can"t be the end...
I"m sad...

714.I love your music! When will we get some new music from you?!

713.Super strona, naprawd wspaniaa, a chce si do niej wraca. Pozdrawiam

712.Jexus videos are inspiration and education. Can"t stop watching them because I might miss the weird inserts. Just read the Virus TI article. Here in 2017 you should try an Italian German synth the StudioLogic Sledge 2.1 Black, and see if that gives what is needed.

711.Please share your ( AN1x ) Presets !

Share Is Love !

710.Thanks so much for your great work..the perfect balance between music and film and always interesting watching how you approach the keyboards and how you play.
Like the Synth equivalent of Frank Zappa.
The Virus Ti demos are exceptional.
I wish you peace in your life and all good things.
Also nice that you featured the charismatic Goddess Bunny.Greetings from Germany..

709.ALESIS ION rules for peeps wit no dough. Been watching you vids, like forever. You are the man !!! Peace

708.Mimo wszystko wytrwaoci

707.We need you back sooner then later. The very best synthesizer demos ever made. Thanks a billion for all you have done and my sx240 thanks you as well.

706.Holy Big Bongo site man ! Hot rocking shit stuff !
Agree to 100% your thoughts & personal style taste. Hint : get a Sherman Filterbank, now !!

Keep on !

705.Thank you! Keep on doing what you"re doing, even when you"re not doing it.

704.I had no idea you had this website. I"ll be a regular visitor, even if you don"t regularly update. Would love to see you uploading demos again on your youtube channel, you been a great inspiration with your demos, your playing style, your patches and most of all your radiating creativity. Keep doing what you"re doing. Wish the best of luck to you, with many years to come. Would be nice to collaborate with you. Have a good one.


702.Waldorf Q is the last great synth. Its a mega uber super synth and will kill anything that stands before it. The waldorf q is one of the best synths i have had the pleasure of playing this year and its up there with my time with a buchla, synthi, jp6. The worst synth i played this year was a jupiter 8!!! Waldorf q eats the jupiter 8 for brunch!

701.Hey man,
Thanks for your cool funny vids. Enjoy them and they are a motivation and proof that I am too fucking lazy: I mean, I sold synts because I felt they were like shit but after your demo"s I want them back. They prove there is absolutely nothing wrong with the synth but that you just need to know how to tweak them.
I read a motherfucker here below insults you, saying you fuck up the synth world. What a wanker. Probably this moron had the same problem I had: doesn"t know how to make a synth really work :-) Keep up the cool shit man. It"s really inspiring and contributing to the synth world. demoed a jp8000 today and read you review - well a similar experience. the output was a bit fucked, Knobs didn"t respond very well and the sound was mid range. yes, in one spot it can sound analog but then you twist a few knobs and suddenly, bam, it"s a romper. Just ass sound and lame. 1 star.

699.Have always loved your videos- truly artistic and amazing with that hint of 80s grind to them. Sad to see you still haven"t been around for a few years and hope everything is well with you my friend. Take care and hope to see you come back with a slew of new toys!

698.dude, you are a fucking retard. get lost from synth community, you distroy everything you touch with your stupid comments and observations.

697.In all seriousness though I will be getting a Ensoniq ESQ-1 because of you. Thank you for your amazing videos. I hope someday you will come back. We all miss you...

696.come back mah nigga

695.Are you dead?

We have not heard from you for too long time!

694.we all miss you very much.


Do you have the OB12 OS software, I"m stuck at 1.3?



692.I"m saying you moved across the river and set up a fortress headquarters at the Hotel Forum.

691.I hope your dog is ok. :)

690.How your nick is pronounced correctly? vee-cee?

689.siema i pozdro z zahodniej, deszcowej Irlandii.

masz super fajne pomysly, gratuluje projektow

ps zazdroszcze ci tego czasu z gratami :)

688.Znam chyba z 10 lat. Zagldam co 4 i cigle miady. Pozdro!

687.What is your basic "magick init sound" that you use to compare synths? Saw wave, Sine Wave, Pulse only? P.S. The World needs more of your videos and synth commentary.

686.Hi all, I bought the Oberheim OB-12 secondhand.
The seller told me to update the synth.

Now i did that with version 1.52 MAY 27 2002

system parameters.mid.

Now nothing works anymore. No sounds.

Can someone please help me with "good" update software?


Bastiaan Beun


684.Got here to cry for more vids, realized it would be greedy to ask for more when you posted out so many beautiful tunes and bashed so much bullshit-inducing hype.

But seriously, internet is crud without your crazy sick shit. Get over the Achilles-in-the-tent syndrome and come out with some new video, the pussies of the world are waiting. An Analog 4 demo not full of cheesy trancey crap would be something to be believed. Or, praise the Lord, a fucking album, we get da sick musik, you get $$$ and pussy, everyone happy.

Unless you are dead, in which case rest in peace, you cuntbiscuit.


682.thank you jexus for helping us all.getting a waldorf blofeld because of your inspirational videos. cant wait for your resurrexion. TTTTTHHHHHAAAANNNNKKKSSS

681.Keep it funky nasty

680.Bravo maestro! You have an interesting mind. I wish you well in what you do.

679.Очень все круто!)))


Thank you for this website!! I am super excited to explore it. I"ve had access to a DX7ii and am looking for a bass synth to compliment it, but was super disappointed with the preset-heavy demos out there. I agree that the DX7ii is perfect for creating amazing, abstract soundscapes and is heavily customizeable! I"ve been happily making sonic environments on it and it"s great to find a blog of reviews of synths that"s coming from a similar perspective. If you have any suggestions for bass synths that would compliment the DX7ii"s abstract sounds I"d love to hear it, but no worries if you"re at your blogging limit.



677.Don"t forget to to order the Schmidt Synthesizer to review this obscene instrument that was built without any compromise!

No kidding, it"s too bad you retired without any notice. I am sure are seriously missing this hobby you were very good at. I must be itching you badly to make new videos and publish more reviews.

The point of your work, in my perception, was to review and demo affordable instruments and prove we don"t need expensive instruments like the rock stars to make crazy sounds and good music. You were very good at it and you should keep doing it.

676.Thanks Jexus

675.Brother Jexus, please return to us with a Waldorf kb37. Amen.

674.ah Yes
fuck ayes

673.waldorf XTK. get one!

672.ur reviews are fucking great and fucking funny!

671.Your demo are excellent. I like your way to create sounds obtaining the best from each synthesizer. Good and useful site. Go on like this !!

670.Forgot the link in my last comment, this video:

669.Is there anyway you can share with me the presets in this video? They sound sooo good and I just picked up my waldorF Q!

668.killer reviews and killer jokes!
please, u gotta add more (whenever possible etc ). thanks for the site!

667.Proba do autora. Mgby znale troch czasu na zamieszczenie opisw urzdze po polsku? Nie jestem biegy w obczynie a fajnie si czyta opinie od strony praktyka, bo s merytoryczne. Dziki

666.anybody here a good freestyle rapper?
Carolina panthers are gonna win the superbowl!!!

665.Bad news jexus moved out of his mom"s basement and got a girl and a "life".
We are all left to fend for ourselves from this point on.
RIP our hopes and dreams

664.fantastyczne klimaty, syntezatory, i oglnie super stronka :)
pozdro !!!!! i to szczere !!!!!

663.Relax man...Hope you are Loading full of energy making a new future bomb to make people masturbate again with your new sound"s you will cook again ;P Keep up man!!! (Happy n peacefull x-mass 2 everybody*)

662.JX-3p demo, 2:18, the girl.
She looks around, but what does she see?
The keys hit hard and sharp. Nice melody, don"t know the song.
Your vids and synths are nice.
Works of art.

661.found you, watched you, bought synths,..wife divorces me, still have all my synths though...

660.YEEES! Hello! Donation might be possible in case of next sallary. Yes. thank you for the weirdness. Thank you for the music. The songs I"m singing.
You"re videos be very goood. very good your videos.

659.Bardzo dobra stronka internetowa. Ciesz si, e tu na ni trafiem i mog czyta takie fajne informacje. Dziki! :)

658.Czy robilicie muzyk do Krainy Grzybw ?

657.Hello i like to know if you sell your patched sounds for the Access virus , thank you

656.Witam ,mega strona i wogole tematyka zabawy dziekami, super.Tak trzymaj

655.Bardzo dobra strona internetowa. Zaley mi na tym, eby cay czas bya rozwijana, ale to ju chyba nie jest moliwe. Szkoda, e w polskim internecie upadaj tego typu projekty. Sta nas na wicej, naprawd! :)

654.Vielen Dank fr Eure Musik (-Ideen).
Bin wirklich begeistert,


653.I really enjoy your music. Thank you for the videos!

652.miss your new vids...but being patient.

651.hi, greets from mexico, i would like to know if you sell the sounds on the videos for the oberheim ob-12, thanks a lot!!!

650.*very* informative website, even with the colourful language ;-)

BTW, Would also love your opinion on the EX5.

649.Hey Jexus,

Just dropping a quick note to say awesome work over the years! :)

Your synth demos have been a great inspiration to me and synth heads all over the world. Your actually part of the reason I started my own ambient synth demo channel, too... we all owe you a lot. You have amazing creativity and exceptional knowledge of synthesis.

Take it easy my friend, hope you are doing well... post some new demos sometime... and may the synth gods continue to smile upon you!

- synth4ever
Live ambient electronica / synthesizer demos

PS: I"ll be passing through Krakow this September, maybe we can meetup for a beer? :)

648.Hey, love your work. Would love to hear you on/about the Yamaha EX5 ...

647.What happened to the site?

646.Love your site! Very informative.


Phenomenal educational site!! Wonderful demos.

644.When I want to know what noises a synthesizer CAN do there"s nothing else on the web. Not only does your videos answer all my geeky questions, they also restore a bit of my faith in humanity. Just paying my respects...


643.i appreciate what you do.

642.hi jexus, great work, keep uploading stuff.

641.dude. love your reviews and videos, they"re great and hilarious. keep up the good work!

greets from usa! (washington)

640.Best synth site & videos ever

639.YOU are are GREAT Artist !!!

638.Hi, It"s Ma Again.
I Give You Another Option:

4. Buy A Goddamn John Bowen Solaris Then Take A Free Year To Evaluate It Posting Your Usual Fluffy Puppy Pics At Regular Intervals To Tease Us All And Than Post An EPIC Bashing Review. Looks Reasonable To Me.


637.Awesome words, pictures and sounds.

Best wishes,


636.OK. I give you 3 options:

1. Make A Goddamn Video Already!
2. Release A Full Album!
3. We Come To Poland And Kick Out Of You Video & Album.

Your Choice.

What You Say? There"s No Real Choice? It"s Limited Like The Engine Of A Nord Lead?
Ah! Sometimes Life Makes Fun Of You...

635.Love you, bro. I hope you"re doing well. here. jesus christ sent me.

633.Hey...... what do you do??????? OK you are a fucker............ but..... peoples are missing your stuffs............ thez wants some news....... why you stay silencious... are you dead? You think you did give all? stop making your star and keep beeing....

632.Everything is awesome! Cool site, synths, sounds, yada yada.. Thanks for putting this out (t)here.

631.let me met a girl? dump her and make a vid...

Nice Web page.
It seems you know the OB12 very well and I hope you can help me.
Is it possible to get the OB12 boot_152.mid file somewhere ?
I"m trying to restart a faulty OB12 and I"ve been told this file could help ?
Thanks by advance

629.I saw your video Yamaha AN1xdemo by The sounds took me in addition to your wonderful improvisation ... I have only a basic set of sounds, can you state the name of the package or where I ordered it ...

628.holy crap, do a fucking album! NOW! big fan here! :D

627.I appreciate all the videos you"ve made. You are a very talented human with a great understanding of awesomeness. Check out an album my band just released.
Hope you dig it. Peace.


625.You"re right. Too many demos are some dude playing the worse tunes. I want to know that they can push a limit into what I"m interested in, you push them the way they should be heard. Thanks for showing me the synths I really want.

624.make a damn synth video demo already!

623.i love your deep knowledge of synthesis. you know wtf you"re talking about and also are a fucking fearless musician. keep thrashing those synths. :)

622.WC Olo Garb! All you"re stuff is incredible and from one synth nerd to a synth master - I beg you for full releases on band camp or iTunes and I"ll be happy to pay. Also if you put out even just a few basic tutorials that explain how you go about synthesis that would be incredible. You"d get so many views you"d crash the internet. For seriously...

621.Moe lepiej za forum zamiast ksigi goci?


620.Siemanko! Dobrze, e jest kto taki jak Ty! Rozwiae wiele moich wtpliwoci. Mam jedno pytanie. Dx7 czy Dx7s czy moe Poly 61?
Wiem, ze jedno i drugie to inna bajka, ale midzy nim wybieram w tym momencie. Jak myisz?

619.Hey buddy, even Pink Floyd are back with those cheesy, boring Kurzy factory patches. Come one, teach them something. This world is boring without your stile.

618.Oddly, your critique of the ACCESS Virus keyboard is what convinced me to buy one. I love it.
I LOVE your videos. Great stuff. Thanks!

617.Thanks for showing all the outer limits of different synths. If I want to know what an instrument is capable of I always check your videos first.

From Sweden whits synthetic love! there any possibility to invite you for a gig in Italy? come on, let"s do it.

615.Hey, long time no see!

Have you been cured of GAS?

614.EY TWAT! Get back into it man, get sure ass on twitter as well. Release music as well... i YEARN FOR IT

613.lessons i learn is lesson we did. in past, your website was inspiration for our setup. weve got z1, the classic ion, blofeld, radias and some other... your style is very good and indeed independent. thanx for this. by the way, only radias survived...
cheers and always check some synths for us!


610.I"d just like to share my appreciation for JEXUS.

Not only are his videos, sound design, and musical ideas the most refreshing and imaginative in the synth world on YouTube and in the real world; his written English and reviewing style are equivalent in creativity.

I look forward to anything he does!

Best wishes to JEXUS.

Reuben, UK.

609.Please please please spend all of your moneys for a Modulus 002 and summon the devil with it.


607.Please, stop wasting money on Bitches & Booze and go back on track. Buy a Hartmann Neuron or a John Bowen Solaris or both for us. Review and bash them so we all can sleep safe :P

606.the prophet 12 will be your new favorite synth...TRUST ME!

605.Great Akai VX-600 Demo Video !!!
I have one !!! ... But i can"t program these great sound like in your videos!!! what is your secret ???

Please answer me :D


603.Hi i just want to know if you sell some of your great patches. Thanks and greets!!!

602.I wish to see more beautiful sounds from you; I am on the Autism Spectrum and they help me greatly.

I hope to be able to demo someday, with my Minibrute and my Accidental 303.... Heh, luck of the Irish methinks!

Have a splendid day, and keep your head up, because there is always room for more noodling :-)

601.Hi Jexus, nice reading. I also agree on many points. Just one correction, about Miniak. I had Micron and then I bought Miniak because I liked proper pitch and mod wheels. Before I sold Micron, I compared the sound just to be sure. They sounded exactly the same to me. Aliasing and all. I still have Miniak and I think it is still excellent value. Which brings me to the more important point: I think the price is important factor when judging synths. If you take it into account, you can compensate quite nicely against "vintage hysteria". I see a lot of excellent music being made with all sorts of cheap synths and not that much interesting music being made with vintage super-synths like Jupiter 8 or mega modulars or modern muscle synths like Solaris. Take care!

600.Bravo Jexus, always in a good crystal performing test explanation personality sound demos for every synth that you animated in your genius tube videos.
I would like to read what do you think about the nu Clavia NL4 and A1. the new DSI PRO2!

598.Y U NO MOAR VIDEOS??? :(

597.say, would you mind sharing some ideas about the casio xw-p1? to be honest I have yet to find a nice demo of its synthesis abilities (I got spoiled by your excellent demos), but it seems to have a bunch of workstation features I could use. so, have you had any contact with this one? is it good or trash?

596.Hi Jexus, if you want to improve a bit your Jupiter 6"s sound, there"s a couple of modification that can be done to achieve this. Take a look to these pages: c-production/726839-roland-jupiter-6-resonance-hack.html

Hope this could be useful :-)

595.too bad that you shit that fast on the d50......... yes you cant programm him from the panel..... but he has soul.... sound wise it sound like it was made for you........ perfect for your video+sound art..........
Maybe you should give him another try... it really worth it..... kiss little devil...

594.When I get bored listening to other music I come here and drag and drop all the mp3 demos into my player.

593.Hey, my DX7 mark 1 also gives out slight noise, like a quiet hiss and some digital noise at times. I think it"s pretty normal, it is 31 years old now so maybe it"s aging, perhaps like Trent Reznor"s prophet VS, it gets more and more fucked up the more he uses it.

592.Can I hug you? It won"t be awkward, I promise.

Seriously tho, after slogging through hundreds of synth reviews by spec-obsessed gearheads, it"s nice to find someone who cuts through the tech-jive and just waxes rhapsodic about a synthesizer"s SOUL. Yes, it"s music made possible by technology, but the tech is the LEAST interesting thing about it. How it juices your creative-mind and makes you feel is a much more appetizing conversation.

Also, you"re fucking funny as hell.

Keep on, sir.

591.Your videos are an excellent resource when shopping for used and vintage synths! Thanks for all your hard work. Grant

590.Your videoclips are fantastic! Great! Greetings from Italy!

589.agree with you on the Waldorf Q, Nord and Access Virus. if only i had discovered the true sprit of the Waldorf Q before selling a Q+. But i have a yellow Q in place of a Virus Ti2. Have you tried the Nord Wave yet?

588.i love you demos and you were the first thing that popped up on video of Ax80. what do you think of it vs Ax60?

587.Love your work, very cool demos.
Have you ever tried a Kurzweil K2??? (substitute ??? for 000, vx, 500, 600 etc)
Seeing how you like to program synths, I reckon you"d absolutely fall in love with V.A.S.T. (Hint: try one out :-) )

586.Full respect due to Jexus from the wild Arizona desert. Love your soundscapes and patterns and songs and visuals

585.Fri Jul 01, 2011 2:13 pm … RIP to Jexus profile in Vintage Synth Explorer… Ha!

So you are almost done with every analog synth ever made… what would be the next step? Cry? Digital? LOL

Hope you are still having great inspirations on new synths,

Wish you the best,


2014-03-19 20:45:22

no we kurwa przesta osabia...

583.any chance to do one more blofeld vid?

582.ensoniq mirage + soundprocess OS!

581.One of my favorite internet finds is this site and this guy Jexus. Such a genuine hand-made website, so much synthspiration, the whole internet should be like this haha. Greetings from Los Angeles CA.

580.I can"t fuc*ing wait to see this guy mangling that Prophet in yet another epicly insane video.

579.Hi Man! Fantastic site, I also adore vintage synthesizers, and music genres such as Funk & Disco of 70"s, 80"s! I was in Krakow, in 1996 with my dancing encemble, very beautiful city! We lived in Novy Sonch-)

578.Witaj WCOG Nie wiem co google kurwa tumaczy z woskiego na polski, ale za kadym razem umieci swoje angielskie tumaczenie tekstu ma siki mieje! Dzikuj wiadkw i film na youtube. pozdrowienia e vaffanculo

577.YOU DA MAN! keep up the nice videos they all are very inspiring!

576.synth jesus i really like your videos. i would love to see you going bananas with some russian drum modules like formanta uds (rokton) or march uds. also you could be my wife

575.jexus our lord and savior! i recently picked up an ensoniq VFX and all i can say is "be on the lookout for one!" i"d love to hear what kind of sounds you make with it

574.Read all your reviews, and just wanted to say I love the way you think about instruments and what kind of sounds an user experience leads to what we - the geeks - like in these instruments.

AND big compliments for your taste in music, I heard a part of Oval"s Shop in Store in your Radias demo. Rock on.

573.Hej, znalazlem Twoj wpis o Amstrad Fidelity CKX-100 Computerphonic, posiadam taki ale nie mam do niego instrukcji, czy bylbys tak uprzejmy i mogl mi zeskanowac lub zrobic zdjcia bym i ja mogl zasiasc do tego zacnego instrumentu? Dzieki!!

572.Thanks for all your awesome vids dude.Killer sounds. I"m a bass player but have always dabbled in synths. Have recently aquired 3 boards finally. I have a Roland D5, a Roland SH201, and a M-Audio Venom. Anyway watching your vids gives me some inspiriation. Oh I also just got Arturie One. You get 8 virtual synths to play with for 15 day"s, then you choose which one you want to activat. I"m probably more then likely gonna activate the Jupiter 8 V . Then I"ll add others later on. Like the memorymoog v, and the prophet v. Wanna get their Oberheim virtual SEM. Well take it easy look foward to next new vid. Jeff

571.I think the time is ripe for you to put your dirty claws on a Ensoniq Fizmo and make all our nerdy willies harden for the ages to come. It"s like the Holy Grail of obscure weird VA synths, I just can"t imagine what kind of evil nasty shit you may get out from one of those purple creatures... are a fucking genius, these reviews are sublime and so true. Been subbed for 5 years now and every time I log in Im eager to see a new synth vid up.

Never stop bro !

569.great reviews of synths. I am looking for a small va synth with good modulations (like a Gaia but with more lfos modulations and rootings) And with knobs to tweak realtime. Any sugestions please.

568.Hey, where and how to get your patches for nord lead 2x?

567.Well done..any news"re stuff is great.

566.I have subscribed to your "Jexus" channel on Youtube and I am amazed by all the demos you did. Very creative and artistic.

Very nice comments!
I posted the link to this page at JD800Center.
Thanks for supporting this great machine!
The URl is:

564.Thanks a lot for your great demo videos, the only problem with them is that you make everything sound fucking great so they don"t help with making decisions!

563.Bitches & Booze with all that money??? Buy a Solaris for us... and than bash it!

562.Thanks for that passage from Primo Levi. Which book is it in?

561.Hiya Jexus!

I"ve been panting after an Andromeda for 10 years. Your review makes sense, tho""s a criticism I"ve heard from others down the years and may explain the lack of inspiring audio demos on youtubes.

I"m still gonna get one, tho"...will try to make some kosmische musik with it.

One key question to you, mate: are you still gonna do a video demo of the Andy? We"d all really love that! And it would at least finally give the synth an interesting youtube presence.

cheers from berlin to krakow,

560.Primo Levi quote = cream in my pants. Please stop, man, I"m really comfortable in the closet.

559.I just read the A6 review.
Thank you. Your point of view is always instructive, and, I should say, the only one interesting.
We need guys like you.

558.Ha! What a fake A6 review! TROLOLOLO! Bring the real review up, you trolling b*stard!

557.Great review about Andromeda. But I still believe you"ve plenty of video material shooted about it, so please let us see how frustrating programming Andy can be.

556.A6- I had a feeling it was not going to be a synth you would like! great review! now I can feel just fine not owning one. pheeeew! ( i do take your reviews very seriously.)

555.Hello. I found your youtube page. Great stuff. Love the whole retro look and sound. I"m a child of the 80s and this totally takes me back. I wanted to see if there could be a collaboration for your music to be in my films, but then I read your introduction... so nevermind. MAYBE you"d consider opening your ears for a pitch if I had a bunch of money or something. But eh. Keep it up.


Thank you for all your interesting and entertaining reviews on Youtube. I just got a Korg DS-8. Would be very interesting to see what you would make out of it.


553.You! Yes, YOU! are the reason why the non synth-freak, non even musician, non even... -well, yeah, fairly nerd- ME bought a microKorg. Out of knowing a fart about either synthesis, midi, or music making. I reckon you prob. consider it an overhyped piece of hipster crap; I crave for a MS2000, but those cost U$S 1000 here in Argentina. FML. Still, I"m having a FUCKING BLAST with its corny substitute, so who cares!!!

Also, your vids are FUCKING AMAZING. Keep up at raping dem synths with your industrial-Cold-War-super8 mayhem!

PS: loved the A6 review... TROLOLOL

552.Ensoniq Mirage + soundprocess OS Plz

551.I believe in Jexus!
I really like what you do.
I would really like to hear (and see) what you can cram out of the new Clavia Nord Lead 4!
Any plans on giving it a spin anytime soon?
BTW, a review/session of the Nord Wave would be interesting as well.

550.Your site is excellent!!
Thank you for introducing me to the great Russian synths.
Your review style is amazing. Hheheheh
The picture of the Poliwoks in the baron kitchen with just a near-empty bottle alcohol is superb

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548.Cool youtube vids/demos, and synth reviews. You convinced me to pick up a second hand ESQ-1. Thx!


546.Hey chronic... the dog is not with us now- Show sum rispekt* ;|


10. He put it next to his Virus TI2, and decided it didnt sound as good and wanted to resell it for $4K before killing the ebay price
9. He decided to reform his high school garage band and the A6 didnt fit in with their "sound:"
8. He got a girlfriend
7. Decided the piano was more interesting than synths, practices Mozart for 12 hours per day
6. Got a job with Roland paying $200K a year to design a new VA synth with decent presets
5. Too busy cleaning his VHS machines and G1 Transformers collection
4. His dog humped his leg so much he got an infection and is in the hospital with a rare dog semen borne disease
3. His Mom kicked him out of the basement and sold all his synths for $100 each
2. He is just really lazy and doesnt feel like learning what all those damn knobs do to actually make a new preset
1. He never actually had an A6, he was just trollin" kids on the internet for teh lulz

544.Did your Andromeda melt while programming it, or what"s the problem?

543.I think your collection is great and your videos are the best!

542.ensoniq mirage!! cmon


540.Still fucking brilliant! Regards, Crow. is so brilliant the video on youtube with Yamaha DX7. I have one with deffekt batteries, I would sell it to you, if you want.

538.Hey, Jexus. You"re videos are a very inspiring and they are half of the reason I"ve been practicing synthesis and sound design. Thanks for all the time and effort you put in to making such amazing sounds and videos. Always a fan - j3 c l u b

537.Hey there. I have just looked in on your site here for the first time. I"ve watched many of your youtube videos & i always enjoy them, like your anonymous stance there !
Anyway, read your homepage/welcome bit.I think you wrote it well & i like where you"re comin" from. Somehow felt the need to say so here, haha.
The whole no profit thing ! The right attitude....Blah blah blah.

536.You made me buy a DX7 :)
now i want your patches!

535.Love your demo"s and reviews...was wondering why there are no Elekton sysnths in there. Would love to see your impression of the Analog 4, or Machinedrum...thnx for all the cool, inspiring and enlightening work

534.Hi there,
do you swap/sell your AN1x sounds?
Have An1x & JX8P/MKS 70 Sounds.
What is better than an AN1x?
Two An1x ;-)
Kind regards

533.Absolutely love your website and videos. I"ve come to trust your reviews and consult them whenever I"m tempted to buy another synth! Thank you so much. make me spend $!

531.Hey man, you should accept Bitcoin donations. That shit is the future.

Also, I would love to see a Yamaha SY77/SY99 demo from you. Amazing synths and they sell for dirt cheap these days, I got a SY77 with a dead backlight for $150 on craigslist and this was a $2000+ retail synth back in its day.

530.Great work. I am too scatterbrained to spend dedicated time on synthesis for more than 2 days at a time. You make people want to understand programming better, and that is really great. All my best to you from Michigan!

529.The point of your site is to point out good synths that doesn"t cost a frigging arm, and it really helped me out.

I bought an AN1X, 2 ESQ-1, a Micron, a DW-8000, much more junk and even a CS-01, all because of you, Jexus! This is all your fault, freaking Christ evangelist! I now jerk off with my machines and I don"t want to see humans anymore...

Now bring on the freaking AN1X demo reissue, dammit!

Krakow synth sound rlz! inspire me.
how about an MP3 of the waldorf sound trip.
you make that thing sing!!!!

526.George Winston? That"s awesome. Def one of my more influential artists. I love what you do. It"s a sound you don"t hear very often. Just want to pay my respects

I love your videos and your synth demos. Please listen to my music at my bandcamp website and let me know what you think! Thanks!

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519.Your genius and dedication to the craft is bar none. Everyday I have the option of listening to millions of songs or albums, and rather i prefer to listen to your wonderful videos/demos. Just never stop.

518.Look back.You haz it all. i heard from several virus users that the "access virus b" is the best sounding out of all virus synths. even some said better then the TI. i would sell the ti and get the b and another 2 synth with the it money. just sayin!

516.Super stronka , niesamowite dwieki ;-)

jak mam przesac (jakim programem ) soundbank z kocwk mid. z PC do Waldorfa Q ??? dziki Pozdrawiam

515.Hi Jexus !
Just wondered when you"ll put your hands on a Fizmo from Ensoniq ... this beast kills ....

514.I set your Andromeda page as my homepage so you better get it sorted asap!

could you help me out with an EPROM image of the SX-210 ? I have an instrument, but doesn"t work and Kawai won"t or couldn"t help.
I would need a hex or bin file of the firmware eprom to get the instrument work again.Maybe you could be the one who let ths nice synth sound be on the next Nouvelle Phenomene album

512.Hi from Hungary, my first ever synth was a PILLE.Because I haven"t got it anymore thanks to your site I could show it to my wife what was like back than...:-)

511.amazing DX7 demo. I would really apprecaite if you could make some patches available online, any chance?

510.nord lead 4


509.thank you so much for your insights into the mysterious realm of electronic synthesis. I have saved boatloads of money NOT buying crappy/overhyped synths of yesteryear. the videos are creepy/cool too. We need you to get hired at a Korg or Roland to get some decent synths made. Cheers!

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505.nothing happens for almost 3 months.. r u still there?

504.As long as people like you still exist, I have faith that everything will be alright in life. All your work is so beautiful.

Also why don"t you do any stuff with moogs? They"ve got such a cult status I"d love to see the opinion of someone who I can trust and who knows what they"re talking about

503.Hi thanks for all your cool b-movies video, bow!
I would like just to know how to find that song:
from your video: Roland JX-3p
at minute: 1:55
something awesome!
thanks in advance for any help

502.Surprised to see you got a GAIA!

Before I discovered your site, the very first synth I bought was a SH-201 brand new and I still never heard anything worst up to date (although I got really good brass patches and funny voice pads out of it).

The AN1X later felt like a true revelation after struggling countless nights with that crappy Roland.

But curiously, I now have an SH-32 with which I am still totally in love for its sounds...

I"m anxious to hear what you"ll pull out of that synth!

501.hello from Brazil!!
very coolllllllllll your site and keys.
you take a demo casio CZ230s

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Your fang,


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498.must say, though, I quite like the Faemi

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495.hi!! iam one of your funs and i really love your sounds-patches even from the cheapest synth ;) .I also trust your judge about sounds and...synths i"d like to help me-advise me!
i own many synths (micron,supernova 2,waldorf pulse,virus c ,mks 80,kurzweil k2000,xp80,creamware noah,yamaha motif xs,korg prophecy and many software synths.
iam thinking of buying one more poly synth.i need one poly synth and from your videos i liked the character-sound of the ensoniq esq1..!(i liked also akai ax80...i also like juno 60 but i don"t want to spend lot of money..)
Do you know if the sq 80 has the same sound quality ?have you heard esq8L free vst??do you think that it is close to the esq1?? (you can find it here
tell me you think that ensoniq "ll give me something new that my existing synths cannot??iam looking for an analog sounding synth with tight-huge lows and vintage character...
tell me also you think that k2000 is enough..analog sounding?? i have the same question for some vst synths that i really like their sound:

sorry for all those questions but i really...want to realise and understand if i need to buy an exta synth.i"d like also to hear your opinion about these vst synths!
iam looking forward for your answer..!!regards!

494.Hey fucker I love your shit, you are a true Artist/Comedian. I have been a long time fan and I think you should start touring in the states. If you ever come to Southern California we"ll go fishing, eat tacos and later in the evening you can manhandle my synthesizers while I masturbate in the dark corner of the room. In all seriousness though let me know if you ever want to preform @ the CASBAH in San Diego CA. Cheers!

493.Your synth videos are fantastic, good job! Definitely a skilled musician. You are costing me money though, had to splurge on a Virus Ti2 mainly on the strength of your vids!

492.Hi there,

Your synth programming is fantastic. I like your productions also. I am a mixing and mastering engineer. I would love to mix and master some of your records free of charge if your interested?

491.Hi, I have been hooked since the Alesis ION demo, I actually have one and love it, I noticed that your reviews are around VA synthes , with some few analog ones, have you tried the arturia minibrute? It would be awesome if you could make a review, awesome page btw and awesome sounds.


First of all, Love the videos.

Second, I think you should demo the Yamaha TX81z and show people its potential...

Keep up the good work.

489. -analogue-synth-570114

Quite possibly the best poly-analogue to date? At the price it seems like an awesome deal. 12 voices, 4 oscs, 4 lfos, 4 envs, 4 delays and a mod matrix!!!!!!!!1111!!1

Sounds too good to be true but it"s real!

488. IDI&hash=item4ac025d001

487.let"s ALL give JEXUS our money! $$$$
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486.Reading what you type about your experience with synthesizers and the descriptions of them is fucking slaying me dear sir, I am continuously laughing my ass off after reading just about every synthesizer. I mean out right loud belly laughing. Thanks man I needed it. Keep up the good work! What you are doing is cool. Cool to check out these synthesizers this way.

485.Nord Lead 3 Part 1 video @ 4min 46s to 4min 56s THAT is where the MAJiK is .... respekt!!

484.Yo!! hope you are fine! : ) Hope u a nice day.... We are waiting for tha A6 galaxy rise on - cheerz!


482.1 year to make the A6 demo??!! Holy shit

Also, you would love the Minibute, and Sturthi-1. Both great little cheap units with quite a lot of saucy flavor.

You should host your patches online and also put up a donation page on your site.

481.An1x reissue! I knew it!

480.Wspanialy serwis.

479.What"s your opinion on following synths: M-Audio Venom, Ensoniq Fizmo, Hartmann Neuron? Maybe you own "em, you play "em, or just listen to them?

The most interesting is your opinion on Neuron - I think it"s definitely the best machine for synth maniak like you :)

478.Ladniutka witrynka.

477.did you find this yet on AN1x?


For those brave souls out there who like to know everything there is to know about an instrument, there"s a hidden "test" mode in the AN1x, intended for factory and servicing use only. You enter it by powering up the synth whilst holding down the "0", "-" and "+" buttons on the keypad. The "+" button then advances through the tests, and the "-" button goes back. The "Store" button enters a test routine and acts as the "Yes" button, whilst the "Portamento" button exits a test and doubles as the "No" button. You can do all manner of nasty things with this mode, so don"t! lol.

476.Sliczna witrynka.

475.Hello Jexus. There is one A6 on sale locally, so is it in your opinion worth of purchasing or just a piece of cosmic shit?

474.Outstanding site, a really useful resource. Thank you!

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471.Knobbie say "Home page graphic updated. WCOG going into hibernation for the winter. He be down in da cave with his A6 Andromeda, Ion & AN1X. Jesus Jexus. We"ll miss you.

470.Your comment about A6-page statistics made me laugh. I"m waiting when you publish your version of "Does it blend?" style video about A6.

469.WC Olo Garb, you know damn well why your adoring fans are clicking the A6 page so often. We can"t wait to see what you come up with for that beast.

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464.Hey your music is awesome. Do you guys tour? If you ever want to play a show in Boston let me know.


462.Hi there! Thanks a lot for large amount of inspiration, you"re doing a great job. Have DX27 myself & your demos (DX7 mostly) were both really helpful & educative. Also, you might like this piece of photographic creativity:
Perhaps, it was inspired by constant watching of your demos. Anyway, good luck out there, keep on going & remember - Jesus loves you! ;)

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i`ve noticed that you have a crumar synth there...
i got one recently but there are some parts missing....
sorry to bother.. but i can`t them. So i woule really lik to ask some questions... if you have some time.. i can mail you with some photos from inside and maybe you can tell me what is missing:::

sorry again!

cheers from south america

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458.Hello Jexus. My name is Marcus, I"m from Brazil and I am a lover of synthesizers and have a band along the lines of complex new wave, minimal wave, flexi-pop. I have a Yamaha CS2X and a Roland JX-305. I wonder with you as you did for the Yamaha put sequenced beats CS2X if possible? I loved their jobs and their music. They do well my style too!

457.hi there, i found out about you on youtube, the vid on the OB12 you did.. i am getting in touch with you this way because i cannot find any email for you. would you like to make a video for us? please get in touch on soundcloud, username retrospektarecords.. would be nice to count you.

456.Hey Jexus...where is your music at?? Love to get some of the stuff that you have been working on....I suppose you have some full length stuff out somewhere?

455.hey jexus, thanks for all the great videos and reviews. it"s because of you that i sought out and copped a waldorf q. well, i knew i wanted one anyway, but your review and videos sealed the deal. god is it one versatile and fine sounding bitch.

i want to ask you if you removed a page where you talked about your personal top favourite synths? i seem to remember a page slightly hidden on this site somewhere.

454.Hi. I have a Polyvoks now... yes.. i"m scared to death...can kill you to be careful... god how i love that of the best in the world. Please get in touch, i"d like to exchange some impressions and ask some suggestion about repairing / improving some little things.. i"m pretty sure you came across the same steps... thanks for all the videos and demos, your works are nice and your sounds original. best regards from Rome..

453.Hi! Your reviews are awesome. I appreciate your honesty very much.

Hey I am the proud owner of a Blofeld Keyboard. A friend of mine wants to exchange a Roland Jupiter 4 for my Blofie.

I dislike the bugs in the Blofeld"s OS, but I am very fond of him. The Jupiter seems to very a very attractive option since I like the vintage sound.

I own the following polysynths: Micro Q, Alpha Juno, JX-3P, Poly 800, OP-1.

What would you do?


452.Hi Jexus, first: thanks for the reviews, very helpful and superbly enjoyable. Secondly I"d like to ask you for info on a particular piece of footage you used in one the reviews. It"s a singing cowboy doing a terrible version of Amazing Grace which I"d love to see again, and possibly the film too. Could you tell me where that comes from,or who that cowboy is? Thank you and bring on the A6 review! M.

451.WC. Like all of your synthykins, I"m looking forward to what madness you wretch from the A6. May I suggest, if you can find one, the Ensoniq Fizmo. Search YouTube, there are several demo"s showing its potential (some guy named Better Off Ted has some good ones). It"s capable of the bizarre, unpredictable and downright strange. Sounds like something you might enjoy.
Cheers from Beautiful Puget Sound, Washington.

450.Hey Jexus, would you be interested to review a JD800?

449.Checking the site out every day for the A6 review and/or videos... Can"t wait.

448.Even though you hate it, I bought a Virus TI on the strength of your demonstration, same with the Alpha Juno, same with the Kawai SX-240. Pretty much, YOU are at fault for my new-found and expensive hardware synth habit! :-)

Keep doing your thing,

447.DSI has just released the MOPHO X4

check it. i ordered one!

446.You love the Ion, so imagine a woman quite literally wearing one ;)

445.Sweet beard.

444.Hey J, Just picked up a DSI evolver, your site was really key into my getting it. WOW! what a board! Are you ever going to share some of those DSI patches? would love to get a few... keep up the good work.

443.make sure you warm up the A6 for 10 min before you dig in!

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441.Keenly waiting your demo about Andromeda. It"s such a monster, so please, make at least 3x10 minutes videos.

Hopefully you also recorded "Buying&Transporting" video à la Alesis Ion. I love that video.

That"s why i am a fan.


I love your DSI Evolver patches. You can upload on

Keep rocking. Peace.


438.Fuck yeah! Ur back!

437.hi there Jexus, and all. gotta question for J and you synth-headz.
(first...yes i have downloaded manuals and i have scoured the clear answers found ; ( ).

okay. just got a nord lead 1, and you know how you can shift between banks a-b, and thereby have a wicked layered sound. maybe an arp on one patch, and a string on another, and...blah blah. and you can fly between them and tweak readily. easy is it to do the same on a virus, radias, ion, or blofeld.

one more thing. on the ms2000, you can adjust tempo easily and read the bpm. on the nord, this is non^existant as far as i am aware. i imagine the radias is similar to the ms2000 in that respect...radias being decendant of ms2000. but what about virus, ion, blofeld...others?

looking forward to some enlightenment.

ya all keep your homefires, and borscht soup concoctions a boiling! ; )

436.what happened with the fucking patch tutorial!!??, maybe you forgot?

435.MEK video going up?

434.What has happened? Hope you"re fine!

433.A6....this is going to be great!

432.Mam pytanie. Co mona podpi do wejcia na zewntrzny sygna CV?


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will you do ultranova as well?

425.I"d be really interested in any givaways at all

424.Analog forever! Nice sites!

423.Thank you for all of the great videos - very inspirational. I think your videos show the synths in a unique light compared to the usual demo. I have many synths and would like to see your sound on a Kurzweil PC3 as it has a completely different programming architecture. Best wishes to you!

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420.Wow, I keep coming back here and I"m inspired every time. The kind of stuff you do is why I got into synths in the first place. Thank!

And as some other people have said in this guestbook: why you are not selling patches via this website is beyond me. Alternative lifestyle and worldview or not - making a few bucks here and there never hurt anybody. Just a thought...

That being said - listening to your demos does make my own patches better. Thanks for that!

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417.Thanks for the reviews & videos. You should be rich from selling patches!

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415.About Evolver, you wrote: "dissapointingly, the shape of the waveshape cannot be edited". -- Wrong.
Search the web for "Evolver Wave".
Evolver *IS* great ;)

414.just thought you"d appreciate this music

413.I"m guessing you have the Alesis Andromeda now considering the map snippet at the top the page of your new synth is of Cumberland, Rhode Island, which is where Alesis" headquarters are...........

412.sweet lord, theres a motherfuckin red eye in the bg staring at me...

411.Horey shiet, nowe to i ukad strony, istna rewolucja.

410.@Dick: dumbness wouldn"t let "em google it and find out whether there is something particular about this sentence or not


I"m a great fan of your work. Do you do any freelance video for others? If so let me know. I"ve got a song I"d like to have a video made for.



408.I like the way you share your "synthexperiences" with all of us, keep on doing this great work!

OK, now you can give a new hint for the latest arrival mystery-synth!!!!!!

i find your an1x sounds great and i would like to ask if its possible to buy those great sounds.

thanks in advance & keep on groovin

klaus, germany

406.I bet that none of you nerds wouldn"t guess what synth is that if not that "Anonymous" commenting. Piss off, bitches.

405.I"m checking back every day for the A6 writeup. Curious to see your patches also. Especially if this really is your last one.

404.Just wanted to drop a quick note and say thank you for all your efforts. It"s refreshing to find s synthesist that is not concerned with what chip is inside what machine, or why this synth can"t emulate that synth exactly. I will cut the rant short and just say, hope your days continue to be filled with new and uncharted sonic creations.

403.How come you don"t have a Microwave XT?

402.Andromeda wyziera z pudeka :) ju nie mog si doczeka dema w Twoim wykonaniu. Pozdrawiam

401.From a box Andy beckons...

400.Too much adrenaline, indeed!!! Hang on bro...

399.Who says too much adrenaline is a bad thing?

398.Hi! I"m really impressed by your music, it feels really well driving my car and listening to your songs. I"m a guitar player from Argentina and i would be a pleasure if you want to play some songs in a new record that i"m working. Anyway, keep rocking man!

397.Fuck the ACTA, but I would like to read your criticism of Alesis Ion synthesizer. Could you send me it by email? Thank you! And by the way, these pages are the best thing that has happened to the Internet!

396.very very original stuff in here

395.proud of myself! i was able to make one of your blofeld patches tonight!..:) evolvera jest tak zabawny, e gdyby nie to i moje krzeso jest obrotowe, w konwulsjach spowodowanych miechem mogabym z niego spa. obraz jest do przesadzony, bo pewnie musiaabym nieco eby doprowadzi si do takiego stanu, ale wiedz e zarwno to o czym piszesz jak i uywany przez Ciebie jzyk maj dla mnie nie tylko charakter edukacyjny, ale te rozrywkowy. keep it up, bro

393.Astonishing work! Really beatiful tunes, great site, impressive collection of synths.

Inspired by You, I"d like to start playing synths too. What would You recommend to a person with no experience whatsoever?

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390.Really amazing setup and studio, #1.

389.Greatings from Ukraine, Olo!
Your criticism and objectivity on the discussing matter made a huge impact on my choices, and futher gear update, thnks for that! I wanted to ask, if you have an Access Viruc C demo in your future plans, love this synth, and it would be tremendous to hear some words directly from you. Thanks!

388.I really admire everything you are doing.


386.Hi WC!

Here Gius from Italy.
You are a great resource for us :)
Do you have any tunez to download (pay)?

ADSR Cheers from Italy.


385.Waldorf Blofeld Soundtrip
Second part "8"
Is a master piece !
I guess it"s about time to contact Warp rcords. Good luck.

384.good stuff

383.You should check out the Kurzweil K2000 with its VAST synthesis :) i love it!

382.Your music should be jolting people awake worldwide. Where can I buy it? Your videos are superb too. Oh and your array of absurdly awesome synths.

381.Thanks for providing helpful information and videos. I"m very new to music production, and for a long time i was discouraged by the feeling that I was being taken advantage of by liars who, due to my ignorance on the subject, indulge in their delusional conceits and ego stroking. Delusional because often times they don"t know anything (but they really think they do?!?)...they either repeat every commonplace cliche about a synthesizer you can read anywhere or they"re bald-faced liars (on one occasion I was in front of a keyboard with this guy who had been giving me advice for months about what to get and then couldn"t even perform basic things with it when I asked him to). Anyway, you and a precious few handful of others have been helpful so thanks again. It"s hard to find an informed opinion. I take your suggestions seriously and I"ll come to my own conclusions someday.

380.Ale tu zaspamowana ta ksiga goci :|

379.Hey friend i like your site and stuff a lot. I recently got a JP8000 and was wondering if you maybe have some patches that i could play around with. Keep up the great lifestyle man you rock!

378.suepr strona

377.grettings from the midwest, nice to see someone creating diseased, infectious, penetrating and hypnotic material in this usually shitty world of presets and phrase arpeggios.. you dont have to do what you do and most people dont, so from one artist to another, you are making a difference and thats all that matters.... after hours and hours in the studio and in the wee hours of the night im right there with ya my friend... really dig your JX-3p, ESQ-1, DX-7 and ION demos probably because i own them too (DX7 and ION thanks to you) but who cares, would love to see a jupiter-4 video... you nailed it with crossing over getting darker, a persons lifes work more often then not requires sacrifice, sadly the ones who love you the most are the ones left in the wake of it all... so dont forget them when you reach your summit -j


375.Hey, man. I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for the inspiration. I"ve been itching to enter the world of synthesizers for some time and finally did just a few months ago. The synth I chose to start with was the Korg MS2000 and it was because of one of your videos. I love your work and the spirit of your efforts here. Thanks very much.

374.Moze tu kto chtny ? :) 9363001.html

373.zamierzasz zrobi co w kwestii DSI Mono Evolvera czy zostanie "quick rant" po wsze czasy? nie mwi o demo, ale sowa nawet nie napiszesz?

372.This page is fantastic! So glad I found you on youtube. Please keep this up.

371.trans to tak, ale czy polio to ju ciko mi byo zdiagnozowa... swoj drog jestem bardzo ciekawa historii tego czowieka.
zawsze na stronie wcolo byy stopniowo wprowadzane bardzo niewielkie zmiany, teraz nagle pojawio si ich tyle, e przyprawio mnie to prawie o zawa, he.

370.a to tylko trans z polio

369.Tak si rozweseliam, kiedy na pocztku demo virusa zobaczyam znajom twarz z demo jp-8000. Zawsze mylaam, e to piosenkarka z jak trisomi, ktra piewa z playbacku. A tu facet :) :)

368.omg, czy ja na serio sysz w demo Virusa tuste klubowe leady i ciepe pady?

367.HI Jexus. Me and other synthesizers enthusiasts have create a Facebook page ("SYNTH MANIA!") dedicated to the synthesizer pleasures. We appreciate our genius and works, you are our hero!

366.demo coming in matter of days

:O :O :O


lol "doesn"t make a single fucking sound."
Man you"re crazy :^) it"s an equalizer...

364.Like the colour, layout, and graphics , Nicely done with lots of feel.

363.(wcio reszt)
chyba, e akurat miae to montowa circa about 17.09, a idziesz pieszo 3 dni na ejfeksa, bo akurat tak wyszo, to ok to za jakie opierdalanie si z demo nowym? mia by september, jest sepetmeber, to robimy more vague "fall" :

361.jak to virus scheduled ?

360.Greetings from Greece Jexus : ) Keep electric... IN SYNTHESIZERS WE TRUST!

359.Everything you do is really cool. I"d love to see a 60 minute 80s style synthesizer symphony from you one day, i think you could do it with ease.

358.Just wanted to say that you have been a huge influence to me and what I do with music. I didn"t see your email address on here, but I would like to send you my bands full album for free just as a thank you, and potentially get your opinion on it, send me an email if you would like it.

Good work, very Atypical....

If You are interested in game reviews/gameplays then You should visit this site!

355.Hello. THEY decided (guys from Forum Muzyczne) we are very similar. GAS syndrome & non conformizm for as U said on blog "bzdety, tuste brzmienia, mistrz Jarre, etc. I fully agree with U.
Good to know I am not alone with my passion. Best regards. Slawek

354.How do you afford and obtain all your synths, and is your butthole sore.
Also I love your webpages and your youtube you are talented.

353.Thank you for doing what you do. I visit your site regularly for the synth reviews and irreverent humorous musings on society and culture. You"re a savvy synthesist and your brutally honest reviews are helping me cut through all the hype as I collect my own synths, since most of us are not rich and cannot make so many purchasing makes. Thank you.

352.I don"t think I"ve ever agreed more to any of your reviews than about the Virus, for the period I owned it I had pretty much the EXACT same experience with it, from the cotton-ish sound to the unlively engine response to modulation, crappy presets, meh oscillators, wasn"t interesting enough to stay long in the setup.. On a different note I gotta warn about the Ion encoders though, in your review you state that the Ions encoders never skips values. I"ve been owning and using this synth heavily for about a year and the potentiometers for Filter 2 Resonance and Drive level has started to skip value, the first one skipping the worst. I"m planning on disassemling it for cleaning soon and I"ll let you know if this solves it (should it ever happen to you). Anyways, love your work, incredible videos, very informative (and humourous reviews ;) Keep it up friend.

Best regards from Sweden

I am very impressed `bout your work.
I love synthesizers too.
Pozdrawiam, Michael R. Hustoles

350.There"s one last synth to be bought and demoed in 2012.


You better be fucking joking me. are a legend in my books Jexus. You are what I aspire to be. You are one with your synthesizer, and you aren"t tamed by "modern music"

You create your own sounds and you play them damn well. You have that "I don"t give a shit what you think about anything. Here, look at my ass." attitude that I want, plus about 30 synths that I want as well!

Keep rocking.

348.wziaby panie jakiegos sroszego hosta zapodal bo za kadym razem jak tu wchodz by zgwaci sobie psychik 75% ekranu zajmuj reklamy

347.glad i did not buy the Access Virus TI. great review. you saved me tons of money! i will stick to MS2000 and AN1x. i knew you would not be happy with it as the others mentioned here!

346.Je n"hsites jamais à faire tourner Suicide Pop sur le lecteur CD de mes amis. En trois ans d"coute je te certifie que ton style d"motion dgag par seconde dpasse très largement les productions de la French Touch en crème bien prtentieuse. Tu es le meilleur punk timbr du synthtiseur.
En attendant ton long mtrage et sa bande originale, ainsi que ta prsence en live sur les grandes scènes Franaises: stay hard

345.gdybym mia tylko czas, to ogldabym kade video poklatkowo, eby wyapa wszystkie "podprogowe" smaczki

344.Yea man.
You remind me of what synthesis is all about.
Bardzo Dobry!

343.Ahhhaha respect man.Gretz from Serbia

342.Nice work man, synthesis rules!

341.Love the way you do it. Down to earth and about what matters really: being yourself and doing what you like instead of adding just rubbish to the internet... Inspiring.

340.Hi.I love your previews and am enjoying your site for the High quality shit.I just wish that you would record it dry.

339.You are my hero

Greetingz from Hungary

338. 94_31373551_7532018_n.jpg Czy to oznacza, e mi te kiedy mona byo wlepi FAT KID ALERT? :C

337.auuuueeeaa. Nie moghe ogarnac tego wszytskiego. Za kazdym razem jak mam dola - czyli czesto - to odwiedzam twoje odjechane soniczne krajobrazy nie z tej ziemi i przestaje myslec o wszytskim. p.e.a.c.e

moze kiedys jakis koncert , cos live etc nic a nic ?

336.Ojjjjjhhh Panie Jexu, czuj si naprawd ostro wystalkowany. Psychofani nadcigaj tego lata! Ale tak ju na powanie, to nawet nie wiesz, czego dokonae...

335.would you ever be into doing a patch trade for the esq-1? I"ve got nearly 200 patches I"ve programmed myself (admittedly, many based on patches others have programmed), but am always looking for more.

I"ve also a Alpha Juno-2. Lots of pads for that one.

Let me know.


334.Love Aphex Twin


WC OLO Garb, please help !
This is very urgent : from your knowledge, is there any Juno 60 model with orange sticker on the middle of it ?

Many thanks,

332.You"re The Dark Lord of The Synth!!!
much respect and sonic worship from the infamous Dominican Republic
your music and videos are the only thing i watch on my ipod (yes,i downloaded ALL of them from Youtube man!!!)

will contact you in the near future about some project i have in mind...

keep it up forever...

331.lata uciekaj. moe pora zacz, jak kady starszy pan budowa system modularny?

330.czemu nic nie napiszesz o rolandzie d-50? :D

329.Hi, any chances to share your knowledge about programming? Maybe a tutorial? I tried to program some old "classic" sounds like Jarre or Kraftwerk, but not all of them I can make on my gear.

328.hey jexus,

i"m just curious. why don"t you get a Nord Modular, either G1 or G2 ?

327.VHS , powiniene wiedzie e zostae wystalkowany przez dwjk fanw , ktrzy maj zamiar Ci zoy wizyt i odrobin wej do dupy w lecie 2011.

326.I love your style and inspiration
You are like the best young synth programmer i know, and you have humour !
all the best from Paris

325.Dude love this site & your reviews. particularlly enjoyed your band rehersal vids. I agree important to know that more kit doesn"t = happiness/better music.
Ever consider uploading / selling the patches you create?
cheers - Tim.

324.Czy Jexus wzio si od literwki przy pisaniu "Jezus"?

323.troch mnie przeraa, e nadal robisz stron w ms frontpage"u but when the waldorf q demo?

321.lej na tranceboyw od virusa, oni maj ju jego:

320.lesson i learn niszczy! dziki.

319.Sorry...a litle question about JX8p mono a single trigger envelope?
so what i mean is this...can I do some serious STACCATO mono line...or there"s a sorta LEGATO MODE ever on?

318.Sorry...a litle question about JX8p mono a single trigger envelope?
so what i mean is this...can I do some serious STACCATO mono line...or there"s a sorta LEGATO MODE ever on?


Tak si skada e zaczynam wariowa na punkcie dark/coldwave i minimal synth i coraz powaniej zastanawiam si nad wziciem si za syntezator z ktrego da si wydoby dwiki lat 80tych. Co poleciby na pocztek?

(Na pocztek co taniego i atwo dostpnego, nie mierdz groszem niestety)

316."jexus" - jak to si czyta? :o

315.I love your site and your youtube videos. are like a virtual sound museum :)
Thanks a lot

314.Hej, talent masz niewtpliwie, do programowania syntezatorw i robienia klimatycznych filmw, ale gra to Ty w ogle nie umiesz, a szkoda, przecie mona si nauczy. Poza tym, Twoja muza jest fajna, ale wanie, to bardziej zbir dwikw ni muzyki, jeli tego nie przeskoczysz, nie zdobdziesz prawdziwej sawy i chway :) we si za nauk gry i teori klasycznej muzyki :)bo nie mog patrze, jak talent si marnuje pozdr.

313.I love your site and your Videos on YouTube. Thanks!! Twice I have bought gear based on being able to hear it in your videos. The latest piece of kit I bought is a Supernova 2 that I think is a wonderful synth. Again thanks to your videos.

Best Regards,
Julian (Fozzy The Bear)

312. hey nice site i see you have a lot of synths keep up the good work.

live long and rave on

311.Bedzie kiedys opis Yamahy CS1x ?

310.Hey Jexus-- I know, I know, I blindly harass you on YouTube and you blindly ignore me. As it should be. ...but...BUT... I can"t tell you how goddamn nice it is that someone out there speaks the language of a musician and not some stupid fucking synth snob that throws gobs of cash at machines that instantly gratify their needs. I already knew the magic of such things as the K3, SQ80/ESQ1, and found your videos much later.

You do it right, fuck "em all, you speak for the rest of us out there. I"m patiently awaiting my Alesis Ion to come to me, and this time it WAS thanks to your review and sound you could get. Not a think about that machine I didn"t like, I"m going to be awake for days twisting, poking and making sweet soundlove to it.

I know everyone kisses your ass and whatnot, but you do everyone a good service by doing what you do. Just don"t stop.

309.I made the mistake of loading boring factory patches into my synths (Juno 60 and Polysix). But now I have begun really tweaking knobs and replacing all the patches - inspired by YOU!


Od niedawna jestem posiadaczem Automatu perkusyjnego APS Mini Rhythm MR3201, i mam pytanie czy moe posiada pan do niego instrukcj obsugi. Pozdrawiam i jakgy co to prosz o kontakt

307.i have to stop watching your vids..they make me buy way too many synths!, ya right..i will never stop watching...:) and spending....$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ are sick! and great!!! I wonder how you can work at such a messy place...
and your cat looks a little like mine the photo of your dog with that cosy cardigan! has a lot of charme.

dobr noz

304.i"ve just seen you pics Jexus. my pussy is wet and my nipples are hard.

303.elektronika em-25 demo zrb, co?!

302.Awesome site, awesome music.
Immensely helpful synth reviews and demos.
What are the best synths with built in analogue style step sequencers?

301.kshkshkshkshksh blop woowoodoowoowoodoo deeeeeeeek blop hhhhhhhsssssshhhhhtoooomp aoeiaueieiaioeuiaoe wowowowowowow pppplurp dekadadukadadikadadukada brrmmmmfffff

300.Jexus, you have been an inspiration to me! The sounds you make with synths constantly push me to seek greatness.

I would do anything to get a hold of a few of your Ensoniq ESQ-1 patches to learn from them, is that something you would ever consider sharing?

299.Z1 or Blofeld... which one is your favorite? not an easy choice.

Thank you for sharing your noisy love.

298.jexus, I am pregnant!

297.Garb is not Ugly! He"s not a Faggot who shows his face on facebook and youtube like you!

296.rispekt ma breda

295.Moving my interest to this little ION. seems good. You"re ugly, but a sympathetic
guy. ;)

294.Respect, your youtube vids are very good and really inspiring, just got myself a yamy cs6x, just getting into it, would like to hear what you could make it do, also it would be awsome to visit your synth collection, probably a good thing i cannot as i would never leave, keep up the good work.

293.Hi! Nice videos and descriptions. Amusing to see/read them and not a little to listen to them. I"m really waiting for the Waldorf Q video, and I"m curious what you can tweak out of it. Hope you didn"t forget about that yellow gear :-)
Keep it up!

Regards from Hungary i co z tym alfordem do pyty wacawa? to ten z wieloma gaami na ktry mamy czeka (jak bymy co najmniej nie czekali:P)?

291.At last! Your sound checks/tests/evaluations are what I"ve sought for. Here are criteria I can relate to. If a synth is crap you call it so. Well done. If a synth isn"t flexible you name it. If its plasticity (I like this criterion) isn"t worth a dime you tell us about it.

Your synth evaluation should be mandatory reading for each and every fanboy to teach him a lesson in humility.

290.Powiem tylko: ukony!

289.Siema nie wiem czy to przeczytasz ale mam 20 lat ciezko pracowaem na beatmaszyne i teraz mam zamiar kupic sobie syntezator (teraz to ok rok ale OK :D ) dzieki Twojej stronie nie wpier*ole pieniedzy w boto i kupie naprawde taki ktry bedzie odpowiada moim wymaganiam !! Kawa dobrej roboty !!Pozdrowienia z Tczewa

288.Great Ion/Miniak review, gonna buy a Miniak pretty soon :)

287.Hey love your site :) .. nice to read reviews that dossent love everything about every synth..

You should really look into circuit bending your Alesis HR-16B thats kinda where the life in it is (and its super easy to do).

I liked your Ion review.. and made me ahsamed i havent spend more time with my Ion ;) ..

I kinda undestand your view on the Nord Lead.. but you should try getting the Nord Modular i bet it will satisfy your tweeking needs :P .. and you can get the old G1 model pretty cheap nowadays ..

well happy synthing ;)

286.Hey. I don"t have a youtube channel anymore so I can"t post comments there, but I just wanted to tell you how inspired I am by your work. When I am out there losing my mind everyday in the fucked up dystopia of industrial civilization, it is a huge relief to find that there are still people left whose souls are not dead. Art doesn"t make our problems disappear, but it can help us to sort shit out and find the path. I wish that all of us could communicate and share art outside of the phony bullshit machine of mass society, but communities have become fragmented in our alienated technological networks. We all do our little part to serve the machine so that we can be comfortable and safe in our happy little cliche lives. Meanwhile, the world dies. If there are any human cultures left after the 21st century, they will almost certainly owe a debt to the people who painted an opposing image to the facade of smug technological optimism and the ridiculous notion of "progress." Maybe you don"t have any of this stuff in mind when you interact with synthesizers, but this is one of the things I hear (and see) in your videos. Regardless, you are a true artist with a unique vision and I believe that your honesty has some effect on everyone who watches one of your videos.

285.Love your site...Buying an ION tomorrow.

A6 Andromeda, when?

284.Cze! Widziaem na stronie gwnej na inne syntezatory ЭЛЕКТРОНИКh 0; ЭМ-25, czy demo z ni! I skd masz te wszystkie sowieckie syntezatory:))

Pozdrowienia z Moskwy!

283.Well done on getting the VX-600. I have a prototype and internal memory doesn"t store. Great site! Great fun!

282.Great site with creative layout. I like your colorful account of your synth collection and the fact that you"ve managed to be one of the good resources on the web for evaluating different pieces of gear, inspired videos too. Great work and effort ! Thanks.

281.Wielkie dziki za zrobienie tej strony , pokazanie wiatu swoich synthw i t niesamowit edycj , ktra sprawia , e si czuje jak dziecko. Stworzye niesamowity klimat , stary. No i twoje inspiracje - Reznor , Manson.. dobrze wiedzie , e kto ze starszego pokolenia o podobnych zainteresowaniach tego sucha.

280.hey Olo. you do great synth demos on youtube. and you"re an great synthesist/musician as well. i"ve donwnloaded everything on this site and burned the on to audio cd. i"ve been running it at my job and scared the hell out of people there :=)
keep up the great work you do so well and warm greetings from sweden.

279.quote: "ACHTUNG! Ten model by uywany przez... zgadnij kogo... podniecenie siga zenitu... JEAN"A MICHELA JARRE"A, baaaaaaaaaaaa... Teraz wszyscy zesrajcie sie w majtki z radoci."



277.Are you sleeping there or what??? where is new video? why it takes so long. Upload something!


275.You are a sick man

274.Kul wahad, I just discovered ... this! All Ill say right now is that im speechless in a blissfully stunned way :-).
Maybe Ill have more to express at some future point in time.

Pozdrowienia z Norymbergi,

Czy mgbym prosi o jaki namiar (kontakt personalny) bezporednio do "Jexus"a". Mam dylemat co do kupna syntezatora i prosibym o pomoc.
Jeli znajdziesz chwilk daj zna na maila.

272.I just want to say hello and thanks - It is fantastic to find people who are really passionate about synthezisers and at the same time are able to skip the macho part of the hobby.

Say, i"ve been thinking to save enough money to get an aelita to use as an live instrument (mostly for solo weirdness and some leads), does the claviature feel good to play on?

With the need in mind, would you recommend any other synth for the purpose?

271.Great sounds, great videos, great site!!!
I"d really like you to do a Casio Cz1000/5000 demo video. i think you must have great patches for these too, just to show what even a casio is capable of in the right hands.
Respect from Chile!

270.Awww yeah man! Your site, demos and reviews rock. Your DX7 demo convinced me to buy one and I love the sounds it"s capable of after programming it with the data slider, hours of fun :)
Cant wait to watch/ hear your next demo!
Regards, Dale, UK

269.I fucking hate the spam when I open your site because it causes my pc to freeze. Fuck that shit.

Aside form that, I thank you for all the effort you"ve put into your videos. You"ve both awakened me to the sonic possibilities of synths I"ve owned for years, and have also introduced my to the sonic mayhem possible from synths I hadn"t even considered. You"re one badass synth programmer. Thank you, you crazy bastard.

Just one little nitpick. In your description of the Korg Radias you, for the first time, come across like a sell out. Fuck the Radias. It sounds like a piece of shit and you know it. Why else would you post so many sounds controlled by arps?

Don"t fucking sell out your soul. You"re better than that. Keep kicking ass.

Just a meanigless opinion from a long time listener.

268.BIG up from Lithuania! Great gear, great demos! Best wishes!

267.your style is electrifying

266.PPS. If you"re ever in the middle of the american wastelands shoot me an email

265.Love your site/videos/songs/sounds. Big fan reporting in from the states!

PS. Your esq-1 video(s) has virtually made up my mind on getting one! It sounds gnarly...

264.try getting a roland gaia (roland sh-01) and do a demo on it. its a virtual analog synthesizer

263.Man... I love you. And I"m not even gay, so...

Now seriously, you got some amazing sounds and ideas here. Really wonderful. I have a couple of synths, and I"m just learning how to use them, but every time I get too lost inside them I go out and watch your demos to remember what they are capable of... This videos are truly inspirational.

So, congratulations and "hi!" from far-away-Argentina...

262.temat ze zmiennikow gram od dziecka.. aktualnie na CZ5000 najbardziej mi odpowiada;)
fajne graty, ja sie ograniczyem do minimum potrzebnego.

261.Roalnd GAIA. Get one!

260.бля заебал, дай пару пресетов для поливокса

259.Every synth you touch turn into lemon juice, your videos will never die!
great work!

258.heyo! you got nay pg-200"s laying around your battle field you wanna sell me?

257.Polish Version, English bellow.
Talentu to wam nie brakuje. Gratuluje! Troche nasyfione kurwa w chacie macie, jak w burdelu na kolkach pierdolice zyja, jak kurwa te pasozyty mieszkacie, aje na syntezatorach to ladnie zajebiscie jebacie.
English Version
You don"t lack any talent. Congratulations. Your house is fucking dirty, you fuckers live like in a brothel on wheels, you live a live of paracites, but you are fucking awesome on synthesizers. It rhymes in Polish, so fuck you!
Yours Truly,

256.Just watched your videos on the Korg MS2000 WTF i never thought it had that potential!
i moved to programming soft synths but can"t seem to program the korg like your patches!
you should teem up with and do a tutrorial on in depth programming.
keep up the good work brotha!

255.Hi man! Give me please some settings for the polivoks ) i have apperad it recently. oh , give me setting from your video on 10:17, thank ya !!!

254.heja. z tym tunningiem co 5 minut to normalne w Akai VX600.
nie ma tam nic do naprawiania. one po prostu tak maj.

253.Super stronka! Marzy mi si wicej tematw ze "Zmiennikw" w Twoim wykonaniu :) Pozdro!

252.Your synth videos are fab! I trust your advice and reviews for different synthesizers and gear because: a) you"re down to earth, b) you"re a consumer who actually programs the synths and tells us synthists what they can do, and c) you dont just show off the gear or follow any bandwagons. Apparently my DX7 video seems to follow your style so sorry if it does, it shows how much of an influence your synthing has, lol, so im gonna try and find my own true style. Keep up the nice work!

251.Thanks a lot for your AKAI AX80 and KAWAI SX240 demos. It reminds me the day i put my hands on the AKAI machine, it changed my life - long time ago but the beat goes on, Keep it up!

250.I really like your Youtube synth demo videos, especially the ones with crazy video footage and editing! Keep up the great work!

249.I really appreciate your refreshing non-elitist attitude to sound-generation and synths - it"s inspiring. Nice work.

248.Thanks a lot, I trusted your opinion to get the AN1X and I am not disapointed.

It"s really hard to get an objective idea of the synths out there because so much bullshit is being said. Inexperienced reviewers made me buy an SH-201 as my first synth. The ANX1 was half of the price and 3 times better...

Thanks again!

247.I am very impressed with your Nord Lead 2x sounds... certainly much different than those supplied from the factory. I have yet to come up with anything as interesting! Would you consider making them available? thanx; sputech

246.i bet that Q can"t wait for you to bring it to LIFE! bet it really never sounded good until you touched it! i have thge rack version...:) make a vid soon!

245.Hey man! You"re synth demos on YouTube are the best!

I have a request: why not upload your programmed patches, the patch dump data, as mp3s or sysex files?

I would be happy to pay a healty amount of Euros for your patches for each synth. So would a lot of other people too i guess. Paypal could handle the transfer, and with your programming skills you could make a lot of money!

Best regards!

244.thank dude i like your work!!!

243.Cholera jasna. Zakochaam si.

242.siema, spoko broda zi

241.SZACUN ! i pozdrowienia od Jesus Chrysler Suicide !

240.I have referred to your synth descriptions and demos for some time. I am curious about your opinion of the MicroKorg series, and also the Roland SH-201. I look forward to future updates!

239.szacun stary szacun.

238.Well done, sir. Major respect for fluency in both English and Polish. Thanks for being clear and straightforward about synthesizers. Now, instead of wanting a JP8K, I think I need an Alesis Ion.


237.bardzo ciekawa strona !!! pozdrawiam i zapraszam do siebie na suchowiska z du iloci muzycznych eksperymentw !

236.i noticed you don"t own any moog synths. is there a particular reason?

235.well done

234."Jeste klasycznym przykadem porzekada i wszystkiego mie nie mona". Podpisz sie mistrzu, to wtedy Twoj wpis zostanie. Inaczej jeste trollem.

233.czesc tu michal, posiadasz duzo z syntezytarowow co i ja bym chcial miec. pare z nich juz udalo mi sie dostac. zainteresowaly mnie twoje filmy na youtube, mieszkam w niemczech, jestem czesto w polsce. czy jest mozliwosc jakis kontakt z toba, chcialbys poznac mozliwosci syntezatorow.

232.great site, great info! great demo"s, this is a temple!! i love your stuff! can i come over and play for a day? i"ll go home after dinner! :)

keep it up!
Sean Odhran Music

231.No gosciu, dzisiaj obejrzalem na jutubie Lesson I Learn i mnie poskladalo - super polaczenie obrazu i dzwieku. Brawo, brawo, brawo.

230.Great site...tons & tons of info about synths...A funny place over the web

229.thanks for adding the copyright info...:) much respect to you jexus and thanks for talking with me via e-mail! always looking forward to your next synth demo for inspiration ..."only!" i meant well my friend~

228.Czapa z gowy. Za pomysy muzyczne, filmowe i kup wrae. your demos!

226.bardzo video..i te rne :) mam dwa okna wic i dwa parapety, ale bdzie janiej :) Duo wytrwaoci i wiary w nowym roku :)

225.привет крутому чуваку! а почуму у тебя нету Вируса ТИ?

224.I like what you do, i like your philosophy . Just thanks for sharing it.

223.Good work! I"ve got a DX7 mark2, and I wanto to know if you program your patches using additive or FM style synthesis. Amazing sounds! Please contact me...

222.your blofeld sessions made my night! hope to make some cool noise on mine tonight...:)

221.Hi, i would like to know if you have tried an Access Virus before and whats your opinion of those boards compared with the other VAs you have tried. Talking about sounds and synthesis capabilities.

I would really appreciate your comments since you are a kind of "synth super expert" I found in the net.


220.Hey WC..great job man!
However I"ve got a question for you...why don"t you use VIMEO or SonicState to upload the demos..they have much better audio quality than Youtube.
Take care mate have been an inspiration to me. just picked up a fender/cbs chroma polaris II the other day... after spending weeks watching your awesome analogue synth vids. next one i want to get is the ensoniq sq-1

218.happy turkey day to the synth GOD!

217.wc olo garb, greethings from the city of groningen in the netherlands. Respect your vision and music. your youtube movies are teh 1337.

216.hi jexus , is it possible that u can upload the presets for me :p

215.Tip for your next buy: something made by Dave Smith! Like a Mono Evolver Keys...
Still waiting for that Blofeld Demo!!

214.keep the dark scary sci-fi horror sounds coming! more thing....don"t share your patches..... let them suffer!

212.grabbed a desktop blofeld for a killer price. only $300. they were like $699 new. hope to see some blofeld vids soon!

211.Hey Jexus,

Just wanted to ask if you"re going to upload a Blofeld-Video with own sounds, would be very interesting for me.
However: Respect, love your stuff.

210.great great great !!!

209.Dla mnie super!!!

208.Hi - gratulacje!!!! 1A web site.
Dzieki Tobie kupilem wczoraj siriusa quasimidi- czekam juz z niecierpliwoscia na niego.
Swoja droga to niektrzy kolesie maja chyba troche racji - marnujesz sie nad Wisla. Niemiaszki byly by zsikane, mysle ze angole i reszta tez. Trzymaj tak dalej - ja zbieram juz na kolejne "parapety" bo mi calkiem odbilo.
Pozdrowionka z Akwizgranu- Leszek alias Franz

207.Kurde ta stronka jest zajebista.Jexus masz zajebite hobby i jeste wrcz geniuszem muzyki syntezatorowej ale dos lizania dupy.w niedalekiej przyszoci chciabym sobie kupi syntezator i mam do Ciebie par pyta.Moje gg:11495974

206.Hey man, amazing skills you have. Your synth patching skills are incredible and you play out some very cool melodies. I have really enjoyed your stuff on YouTube. Are you willing to share any of your patches? There was one that you did for the Alesis ION that I would be very interested in seeing how you did. It is the 2nd patch in the first ION demo video you have on YouTube. A very simple brass sound, but it is SOOOOOO thick and you are only using one part. Maybe it is the youtube compression doing something, I don"t know, but if you"re willing to toss me a copy of the patch I would be very happy :-) Keep up the good work, you have amazing talent my friend.

205.I saw your take on the ESQ1. How do you compare to the VFX-SD?

204.Hi Jexus. Already left a comment about your site. Just great.

Was wondering, have you ever tried the Yamaha SY 20? I"m about to recieve mine but theres basically no information about this synth... Maybe you could give me some info (or any body)

203.I love your sound. Cinematic and gigantic. The video to "Lesson I Learn" is a banger.

202.Your music is absolutely incredible and I am truly inspired by all your original pieces. Where can I buy this "genius" music? Just wait until Trent Reznor hears about you. He just might get jealous. LMFAOOOO

201.Uwielbiam Twoje demka, a szczeglnie Korg"a MS2000 - 2 minuta przyprawia mnie o dreszcze ;D.

200.Love your site. Keep doing cool and crazy things with synths man.


199.Hi Jexus,
you finally bought a Waldorf synth! I never touched a Blofeld, but since I read that there"s both XT as Q in there, it can"t be wrong. The presets sounded quite shitty, and I like more knobs though...
(Q has 28 pots and about 50 buttons:))
I"m looking out for the review and the video, dig deep!
excellent review about the jp8000 by the way:)

198.aspetto il tuo video con il blofeld !
wait the blofeld video!
thank you for your video!


196.Nastajaszczija stranka

195.Alucinante e inspirador trabajo. are one of my most favorite artist. i get allways a smile when i see your funny videos ! Also the sounddesign is amazing. Where have you learnd that ? Why do you not making sounddesign for different synths ? or making a sound library... i would buy them all

193.thanks to you I discovered MSI

192.I have always found your videos very informative,inspiring and refreshing,thank you.Only just realised you had a website-duh1great stuff-I will investigate more thoroughly.
Logan 5

191.your demos/videos are fantastic...creative. thank you so much for sharing those. very inspirational.

190.what are your thoughts on the Korg MS-20?. I thought you may have one but did not see it here. Thanks. Love your gear!

Very nice site and thumbs up for the attitude. some questions: do you do gigs and if yes when is the next one? Have you had your hands on a Waldorf synth yet and when will you buy/find/get a Q?
I guess they (waldorf) will be listed then in your favorite synthmakingpeople list. you"ve got a great taste and creativity!

188.Hello there, nice approach to your stuff, and very useful video presentations! Keep it on! Regards from Greece

187.crazy motherfffuckerrr!!! :)

186.No no, ...... podziwiam. Poza wspaniala kolecja, podziwiam zdroworozsadkowe podejscie do instrumentow. Twoje demowki pokazuja znacznie wiecej niz artykuly z Future Music, Computer Music , Sound on Sound czy Wire. Bilecik do Londynu moze? Ja na twoim miejscu bym juz sie szykowal do zaistnienia jako producent w UK. Z taka wiedza i doswiadczeniem zdumchalbys cale to towarzystwo z Clapham czy Acton robiace teraz music dla top 20. Pozdrawiam.

185.i just purchased the Ensoniq ESQm. I LOVE YOUR VIDEO OF THE SOUNDS YOU CREATED! OH MY GOD!!!!!!! any chance to help me get those sounds? can you put them on a cartridge for me. I WILL PAY YOU!!!!. check my profile on vintage synth explorer...( synthy ) i have a post on vintage gear used for elctro- industrial music. thanks for any help hun.

xxoo HUGS!.......synthy-

184.great great work. Just love your sounds, demos and attitude. The most comprehensive and serious synth ressource on the web
Love your keyboard playing as well : you got style !
You rule on the great big bad web

183.Dear Jexus, Your collection of synth sounds and demos is enormously useful to me in order to better choose some machines instead of others for my studio rack; there are so many underrated and marvellous synths You can have cheap, like my loved Korg Ex8000, You are really helping me to choose. Great work as well on video denmos! In future I will take some time to listen to Your personal musical works, I promise! Meanwhile, please receive my best wishes,
from Italy,

182.Naprawd ciekawa stronka. Chciaoby si tam znale.



180.Man, you have that spirit..! You know what you do! Its remarkable how good your demos sound...its an approach from the artist"s view, not just a technical presentation! You should work as a sound designer for new synths! You have a talent!

179.Troch mi smutno, e tak mao polski w tej ksidze, ale to okropnie fajne, e Ci zauwaaj. Chciaem podzikowa, poniewa otworzye mi oczy na syntez i fakt, e nie o presety chodzi, ale o wasne krcenie. Yutuba z MS2000 cz druga mog uprawia w nieskoczono. Jzef Skrzek by dla mnie zawsze zbyt jarrowaty, jak zobaczyem, e kolega wyrs na polskiej muzie, NINach i tym podobnych, to spadem z krzesa. Ach, do lizania dupy, przepraszam. Wszystkiego dobrego!!!

178.hi Jexus. you are an absolute genius! your music and your sound is the more interesting i heard since a long time. thanks for your work. respect"re really damned good at controlling the sounds on all of these instruments of yours. wow! i also program of synth patches all the time so i know what it"s like to get the right sound out of a synth patch. i really admire your approach, so much style! keep it up

hello from paris

very good work and studio.

your sound is amazing! I just bought a yamaha dx7 and got so impressed by your video on YouTube.
Would be great with some tips on how to create fantastic sounds. All my best, maria

174.hey man,

cool songs/videos. i noticed that you (or at least it seems) use an LFO make the pitch unstable on a lot of your patches. i happen to do the same thing quite often. you have a ton of equipment. do you ever feel like having too much stuff makes it difficult to sit down and get your music worked out? i used to own a ton of synths, but now i only own a few and i feel like it has made it easier for me to actually get stuff done. as well as just learn how to get whatever sound i want from the few synths i have (you definitely seem to know how to use your equipment, which is good; nothing worse than synth nerds that just geek out). if you are ever coming to the united states shoot me an email.

173.Je me permets de laisser un commentaire en francais ( beaucoup de traducteurs sont disponible sur le net maintenant , et puis sa donnera un cot plus authentique)
Ce site est impressionant , formidable , exceptionnel et j"admire ton travail aussi bien pour les videos que pour les dmo de synth tous plus fou les uns que les autres...
bravo et merci...

172.So let me guess...You"re not married then !! LOL!

Great collection there, and nicely presented in your site. Dziekuje!


171.Ooooh man! I"m now dreamin" about ur studio ! Where do u find so many synths?

it is a great site...
and your collection of synths is a real museum!!!
how did you get it? how long take you to find
all this jewellry of waves and filters...
the best for you!!!
from ecuador,
fabiano kueva

169.Hi,, I really like your site,, it brouth me back on a nostalgi tripp haaa.. Im a Music Producer / Songwriter for Platinum Records.. take care

168.hi every body I saw this page and it"s so cool, I"m looking the manual of the casio HT 6000 I would be so glad if somebody could send it to me , otherwise somebody could tell how it works? thanks alot, have a nice day, MArtin

167.Your videos are the best.

166.Thankyou for all of the videos you"ve posted on youtube. You are one superbly interesting dude :). I dig your playing style, and after watching your JX-3P video, it"s inspired me to get into mine a bit more!!

That organ patch is haunting!!

Also, I love your style of video editing :)

Keep rocking out man, there aren"t enough people out there like you!!!



you are living in another dimension. thx 4 sharing this world with us.

love z

164.nice site!!!! Do you know where i can find a copy of the MT-70"s barcodes charts?? Btw. Did you know that the CASIOTONE 701 uses the same barcode reader,but it has fullsize keys(61).I have both(MT-70 & CT-701) but im trying to score the barcode charts....If you r interested in one 701 i can give you a link where you can get one...Grts from amsterdam

163.You are superbly fucked up ! I love your pictures and your style...


nice synth collection, nice mp3 demos... love your sound.

Br from germany,

161.najwieksza fanka fanek przesya wielkie jo :D
do zoba soon in krk...

160.i feel close to you

159.just wanted to compliment you and thank you for your synth demos on youtube. I was really pissed off by demos showing a never-ending solo or a JM Jarre cover (some stuff I certainly don"t want to do with my synths)

158.Decent top one nice one sorted m8

157.Hey man is there any chance i could have the first three patches off of your DX7 demo? they are choice!!!!

156.Tak sobie wlazem na Twoj stronk po paru latach. Super e trzymasz kurs, nie wiesz jak Cie za to szanuj...

155.excellent stuff dude!!!
would like to receive your quasimidi sirius patches.

154.Hi! great stuff I saw your ion demo on youtube...I" m interrested with your patch, please share them! join the alesis ion/micron community yahoo group!
peace chips and bits! bye man.

153.great site man! love your collection. love your movies as well :)

It would be so great if you can share your Korg Prophecy sound bank.
The same as the youtube demo.

151.Nuka! Usame hlopaes?
Kogda budet novie pesne, malesh..?!

150.cay help me with presets for kawai sx240, i dont understand how to make new


149.Hi. You site is the "Ali Baba cave" of
synthesizers ! I like it very well ! Please, continue !

148.swietna strona! fajne instrumty fajne testy instrumtow! pozdro


146.I love this site, its my new bible when I want to check out a vintage synth, love the video"s and professional comments!! Go on!!!

145.terrific web site, nice feeling, keep it up guy!
Checz to all Nowy Dwa krew...

144.Cakiem spoko stronka, opisy syntezatorw i prbki to dobry pomys. Plus dla Ciebie, Pozdrawiam

But some interesting music:

This is a "New wawe" electro rock Hungarian trio. Bonanza Banzai!

142.Hi Steve ! There are Soviet gear at 3W.RUSKEYS.NET...
On Ebay UK, Sellers Factorysound & Rusynth have some...

141.Why there are not no reply the fucking onto my question?

140.Bons baisers de france!!!

Good kisses from France !

139.This is a very interesting, informative, and fun site!
I get neutral reviews, and quite often I get nice, long, preset-free mp3 demos. Keep up the great work!

138.Congratulation for Yuor music. I"m very impressed by your work. I do the same kind of music. There are there of us in my band and in a month"s time our CD is going to be released and we will have web page! When everything"s ready I will contact yuo!
But until then I would like to ask a question;
Where did you get your synthesizers, sequencers, drum machines... from???!

137.DJ Olo Ubir , ty skaa drastycznie. Wielki posiedzenie masz tutaj fantasmagorical synteza skonnoci. Mio ono masywnie na mier. Wytumaczenie mj polski , JA uywany pewien wank Internet tumacz. Ono wanks.

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135.hey !
your music und vids are very impressiv!!
Very very very nice!
like to have a cd.

134.Nice videos! Nice, Nice, Nice...

133.I watch your videos and listen your MP3 demos. Good work but where i can find or download your awesome dx7 sound. Please share some sysex or patches into your website. Thank You. (Sorry for my english i"m french)

132.nigdy nie wpisuje sie w jakies ksiegi gosci.ale twoje strony odwiedzam od dawna i wreszcie musiaem to jakis czas wchodze tu i ogladam albo sucham po raz setny tych samych rzeczy..i coraz bardziej sie jaram za kazdym razem hehe.szacunek za klimat ktory zdjeciach i w muzyce.pozdrawiam

131.wonderful music! your songs are brilliant, and those synth demos in youtube are very informative and of good quality. Looking forward to buy your CD!

- Julius from Litwa


129.hi there,

you are a lucky man! but i"m happy with my DX7 and i"m happy again that you understand the power of this machine 8)
you know how to handle it! but could you PLEASE share some of your amazing patches? they"re great.

cheers, and greetings from The Netherlands



127.Podziwiam, klimat, i te analogi..

Moe odsprzedasz jednego JUNO 60 krakowianinowi?:D

126.Man you have some very nice synths, I love that Poliwoks, what a dark nasty beast that is!
I don"t have a synth at the moment, just a Yamaha PSR 225 which I"d ike to mod somehow, and I used to have a Korg Poly 800, but after seeing your great videos I"m wanting a DX7!
Cheers for making my day!

125.This is my favorite synth page ever! I love your demos, and your pics make me happy! Poland looks like a fun place.
Thanks for sharing.

PS- I can"t find any info online on the amstrad except your page. Any more info on it? I want one.

124.Thanks a lot for this site and the demos on youtube. Fine stuff !

123.After sampling all the synthesizers you have, I fell in love with the sound of the Yamaha AN1x and the Korg Prophecy. I am a low budget person, and it"s extremely helpful to have a resource to find synths that work for what I need it to do. other people try to have a large collection, but hearing every synth you had seriously helped me decide what to buy. Thanks a bunch for your time investment in this site!

122.hey, u need 2 make sum more vids, helped me 2 buy ma 1st synth, which ended up being a korg prophecy. Put sum demos up ov sum unknown ones and u will convince people to buy them, i woz thinkin bout getting an odyssey until i saw the price. Keep up th gud work!

121.thank you for your website!!! i enjoyed it very much and it helped me a lot, because i was actually trying to make a decision about buying my first synthesizer and while searching for demo sounds i came across your website. thank you very much.

120.great works, all DCO type stuff , thats cool- i make music just as good and i wonder if its too tough a business to get into. and do people care, will full lps be listened to, or is it just a mp3 world... and when you make your records make tons of different concept like how afx did the "melodies from mars", ambient works etc...which im sure you do.

alright back to records.... its gonna be tougher for us to make imprints in the history of music if unless we just dont sound like others, thats why the DCO 1980 tings create something different. keep on the good work
gonna get the kawai sx cause of your youtubes.

peace in the middle east

119.hey duude!
I totally dig your youtube clips! :D keep on doing this stuff!


118.Big qudos !!! O sprzecie sie nie bede wypowiadal bo to woda na mlyn... wszyscy dobrze wiedza co i jak w trawie piszczy. Co do muzy to dawno mi sie tak przyjemnie nie surfowalo po necie... Dla mnie to dobry i niezapomniany old school electro style. Pozdrowionka i czekam na kolejne dzwieki... :)

117.strasznie mi sie podoba to co robisz :) naprawde kawal dobrej roboty :) kiedy pierwszy raz uslyszalam Blood i zobaczylam teledysk do tego- spodobalo mi sie od razu :) pozdrawiam i wiecej dobrej muzy ;) tak btw co to jest za motyw z tymi otworami w tych krowach w disco king ? pozdrawiam

116.I like your pictures, hope you can get your balls together and make some wicked music. Email me your email so I can let you know when I will be in Poland to play some shows, maybe we could organize something.



It was nice to visit your pages and see all your stuff .... you can go here look at ours:

Go on !

114.pozdro Krkaowa ;) grasz niesamowita muze... strasznie kreci emocjami dzieki a szczegolne motyw z alpha juno w 3 min,, wielkie dzieki ;) Blood wymiata

113.mad decent polski synth music!

112.Great stuff, great music!

Good stuff, very lovely pics & great music pal...

Keep going on

110.witam masz 3 rolandy juno 60 moze chcerz jakiegos ozenic???? pozdr

109.fajny sprzet bardzo mi sie podoba qasimide syrius i juno 60

108.Nie wiem dlaczego ale najbardziej podobaja mi si Twoje piosenki , w ktrych piewasz po polsku. Zrb jeszcze jaki kawaek z polskim tekstem. Na prawd lepiej Ci to wychodzi ni po angielsku. "Jakie ma znaczenie mio" po prostu wymiata ;-)

Great site =)

106.Hi, I"m from Hungary and I think it"s a great page.
Good luck!


104.Oh yeah!!! Oh Jesus... O wszyscy wici... Te dzwiki... nieee... tego si nie da opisa... tego trzeba posucha... i przey... RESPECT dla twoich dzwikw... mylaem e syszaem ju wszystko... myliem si... wybacz...

103.Wow! Trafilam tu lancuszkiem poczynajac od youtube :)
Czuje sie jakby ktos umiescil moja dusze w meskim ciele :) jakkkolwiek to brzmi

Stronka jest mega-wypas :) a Twoja muzyka, normalnie wyrywa z butow :)

3maj sie tak dalej :)

102.Ciesze si, e sa jeszcze takie niebanalne stronki, podoba mi si podejcie do sztuki. Podzielam kult oldschoolowej elektroniki :) Pozdrawiam.

101.Gratuluj Super stronki.
Przede wszystkim przejysto strony.
Wszystko ma tu swj porzdek(nie, jak u mnie na biurku;)).
To tak jakby budowa potny syntezator - wszystko starannie zaplanowane.
Po za tym - duo etelnych informacji.
Naprawd jestem pod wraeniem.
ycze dalszych pomysw i testw, a co najwaniejsze - narastajcej pasji i ciekawoci.
Polecam polowa na jaki produkt Ensoniq`a. Firmy nieistniejcej ju i nie docenianej.

100.Dabym sobie nog odrba , eby to mie w domu ;)

99.chuj i tyle

98.Wyjtkowo potrafisz ocenia i opisywa wyjtkowe instrumenty, jakimi s syntezatory. Masz talent literacki (krtkie i treciwe oraz zabawne skrty mylowe).Bardzo przydatne s sample z dwikami wydobytymi z przernych modeli. To swoisty przewodnik dla tych, ktrzy pragn naby jaki syntezator, szczeglnie vintage"owy. Kolekcja imponujca, podejrzewam, e nie tylko w skali krajowej. Szczeglnie zainteresoway mnie dwiki wydobyte z "ruskich machin muzycznych". Ciekawostka niebywaa.

97.zajebiste syntezatory:)

96.wietna strona, cudowne dwiki.

95.Very Nice Site ! I enjoyed visiting very much 8-)

94.hello there. i like your page a lot! where can i get mp3 or any musicdatao from you guys? how do you record this big amount of synths? no mixer? anyway. good style and attitude!!

sps are one weird freak, man. saw your an1x clips on youtube. made me buy one on eBay. admire your programming skills. i"ll try to make the yamaha sound even sicker. here"s to adventures in synth, cheers mfer.

92.I hate you and Polish People in general. Nice synths, Cheers! -Scott

W koncu trafilem na twoja strone z czego bardzo sie ciesze. Tworzysz niesamowita muzyke . Pozdrwiam i do zobaczenia na myspace

90.Po pierwsze to nie moge di ciebie napisac mejla bo ten adres na stronie sie nie klika.
A po drugie to suepr sprzt. Ja zaniedbaem analogi troche ale planuje powrt do nich, zaczynam oczywiscie od juno 60, ktre juz kieys miaem. Npaisz mi na m mejl sj adres


Bardzo ciekawa i oryginalna strona! W caoci zgadzam si z opini w Private Thoughts. ycz powodzenia.


88.Yag shemash! Or something like that :) My polish is veyr bad, my serbian or macedonian is much better. I love your pics, good to see a fellow hopeless synth geek enjoying his passion is hilarious. I found the taking the Juno 60 for a walk especially funny. I will post some synth pics on my site. Greetings from Australia

87.Чувааак!!! Спасибо тебе огромное за офигенный сайт! Я такого ещё нигде не видел и жутко тебе завидую!

86.take jestem entuzjast organw i syntezatoriw wietny zbir, podziwiam fantazj

85.ey.. nice stuff u got..

noticed u also have a AN1x.. its indeed great!!

keep up the good thoughts...
greets from Holland...


84.wietna strona, gratuluj posiadania tylu wspaniaych "zabawek" :)

83.Zajebista strona. Zajebista muzyka.


81.hello people from ""!

your website its absolutely amazing, my friend! you fucking rocks! your work is very, very professional! i love electronic music (for me, "electronic music = great composers like jean-michel jarr!").

keep up the good work! i have no words to describe how I really enjoy your work on your synths!

best regards from buenos aires, argentina!

pd: you have to "create" your "" personal profile whit this incredible music material! :)

javier no :) az sie micha cieszy:) fajne zabawki , moze spotkamy si ekiedys w piaskownicy;) LPR pozdrawia!

79.wc olo garb rulez :P nie no od dzisiaj jestes moim idolem :P zajebista muza

78.hi im lucas from argentina! i want to kwow if you can send me your patches for korg poysix? there are such an awesomes patches!! thanks man! y can send to you my patches to!

77.Wyoasiona kolekcja.Kupuj teraz starego Korga DW-800,obejrzaem Twojego,bybym wdzieczny,gdyby napisa mi o nim troch wicej na maila-barwy,obsuga,midi itp.Na innych stronach jest mao informacji.Podejrzewam,e program aduje si z kasetytak,jak w Poly-800,i chciabym zasign opinii fachowca,bo to lepsze ni fabryczne opisy.Bd odwiedza t stron.pozdro.


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I"m a huge "sick synths" fanatic and I wish I could own a PIF !

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